Kamikaze Tune Attack / Blizzcreeps / Reverend Backflash at Wakuum

i am kinda trying to think of some kind of funny, intelligent intro, but as usual my brain lets me down.
so there you go, look at the photos of your favourite bars barkeepers band (musichouse) playing at another bar with other bands.

that sentence made total sense in my head.

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maneki nekoč, Bonsai Police, Evoilà

went to a great concert at the wonderful Club Wakuum yesterday. check out the pictures, and make sure to check out the wonderful, beautiful and <insertsomethingfunny>-ful bands here:

(oh, and iso 12800 on a apsc-camera is a bitch. damn you, noise.)


Bonsai Police

Maneki Nekoč

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