jawul, raul!

the south-american heartbreaker aka. barcelonian based boarder aka. raul is back in austria. we welcomed him with rain, as is our tradition. time to clean the transition! (take care, jereme rogers, i am coming to take over the rap game.)

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manic monday.

the wonderful Philipp Flip had the questionable honour of being in front of my lens yesterday (amongst others..).  he had a quite photogenic trick in mind. a quite tough one too. what followed was the amazing dance that almost every skateboarder can identify himself with: struggling over if it was possible or if one was gonna scrape its body along the ground while trying. next time, Flip. next time.

“it could work, right? right.”


counting all the possible factors that could lead to pain.


works fine without a board, right?


torn apart inside.


parks & recreation.

i am a curious cat. so, when i came across something called “brenizer method” a few years ago, it was kinda intriguing to try that stuff out. sadly, i suck at it, or a least i am too lazy to try it more often. and it almost makes me feel as if i had a full-frame camera, wohoo. here´s a try that was alright i guess. maybe because it has one of those very popular triangles in there. hiphiphip!sub-2