Deadends/The Liberation Service/Crazy Arm @ SUb,Graz

yesterday, the wonderful guys from Hot Shot Music hosted a concert at the infamous SUb Graz, featuring the amazing Deadends , the Liberation Service and Crazy Arm from the UK. check them out if you missed the show, you wont regret it.

the SUb was packed, like.. really packed. i didn´t have a chance to get even close to the first band, Deadends (their first show, by the way).


next up were the infamous Liberation Service. havent seen them in a while, and damn, their new material blew me away. it was so crowded that you could hardly move, which is of course just a bad excuse for my sucking pictures. Continue reading “Deadends/The Liberation Service/Crazy Arm @ SUb,Graz”

legend… ary.

you know, sometimes when you are about to meet someone that you were looking up to as a child, you can´t help but wish “my god, i hope he is no asshole…”

well, on saturday i had the chance to meet more than one of my idols, but the guy that stood out the most was the incredible Mr Chad Muska. Smiling 24/7, high fiving and hugging everyone in sight, spreading the best of vibes possible, it was simply amazing.

Thank you for the inspiration, i still smile when i think back to that. Now go buy something with his name on it.


Tim Vantol & Band / Astpai / Smoke or Fire @ Musichouse

another great show yesterday. those guys have been on the road for quite some time. have a look at my crappy shots, and then listen to their awesome music here: Continue reading “Tim Vantol & Band / Astpai / Smoke or Fire @ Musichouse”

going up. then down.

to celebrate the dying of leaves, the mass-suicide of grass and the loss of nice weather and happiness (also known as end of summer or fall) we walked up a hill.

here are pictures and words describing that.

Continue reading “going up. then down.”