soo, its indoor season again. and as much as i hate this skatehall, its better than skating a shitty curb in a windy parking garage. on the other hand, its the perfect chance to play around with my flash and try stuff.

also, its the perfect time to take ridiculous pictures. first off, i am pretty sure that you could make some kind of meme out of Andis face in this one. i used my photoshop skills to enhance it. just.for.you!


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well, sometimes you gotta swallow something sweet with something sour. in this case: i got my 2nd external flash, but then again its winter in austria which means that we are stuck at the goddamn skatehall.

here´s some stuff from the lower end of the learning curve. expect me to meet the higher end in 15 years or so.

Simon, Boneless.


Simon, Bs Nosegrab


Simon, Crail


Patric, Bs Air.

Patric Marx, Bs Ollie