we recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a wedding in Oulu, Finland. in order to get there, we stopped by Helsinki first. here area  few impressions, which are mindblowing, to say the least.

at first, look at this. i mean, this picture has it all, right? right.

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Triest, Molo Audace.

Basically my first long exposure ever. Back in the day. I am quite experienced now, i shot like 4 more, which means i have mastered this technique, of course.


the bird has landed.

well, maybe for the last time.

this reminds me of an essay by Dostojewski, i think it was called “the dead bird on a boat in the croatian town of Split”.
i read a lot of intelligent books, they have to be that long and boring and famous kind that everybody knows but never read. then i tell people that i read this book and tell them stories to show how big and intelligent my brain is. i am smart.

fishermans fiend.

i have to admit something. this photo wasnt taken by me. it was my girlfriend. why am i telling you this? well, she is rich and has a vicious team of lawyers that will sue my ass if i dont put this here.

i added the frame though. and applied some sharpening, curves and contrast. and this is what is photography is all about, right? at least it seems like this sometimes.