finding new friends on the street.

recently, the rural city of Graz had royal visitors. one royal visitor, to be precise. Jan Federer, from Vienna. yes, the famous city, filled with fiaker, schnitzel and buttloads of culture. we gave our best and showed him around, trying to refresh his memories of years he lost here. because he lives in Vienna now. a better life. a more urban life.
first spot was this great curb in a driveway. Sam was the first to 5050 it.

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bad railings.

today: part 2 of the session. with much more action, drama, pain and stuff.

thats what the boardslide picture should´ve looked like. if i hadn´t cut of andis nose. well. lets call it “creative”. (and yes, that was a make. dont start talking shit.)


after that, the “good ideas” started to come to life. DIY and all, ya know? well, look at that. created with cable straps and shoelaces. nothing could go wrong, right Andi? Continue reading “bad railings.”

parks & recreation.

i am a curious cat. so, when i came across something called “brenizer method” a few years ago, it was kinda intriguing to try that stuff out. sadly, i suck at it, or a least i am too lazy to try it more often. and it almost makes me feel as if i had a full-frame camera, wohoo. here´s a try that was alright i guess. maybe because it has one of those very popular triangles in there. hiphiphip!sub-2