those cherry days…

having a knee problem sucks. having a knee problem when the first warm and sunny days of spring are coming up pretty much compares to being kidnapped and forced to sleep with your mom while your dad is watching. think about that for a while, then go on reading this blog update.

done? done thinking about your mom? okay.

talking about your mom, here is herwig. herwig is old and grumpy, but beautiful on the inside (see, like mommy.) here he is sliding a 100km/h bs lipslide. yes!


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i had the pleasure to try and take some portraits yesterday. well, these are the outtakes. what did i learn? i wont become a professional portrait guy.

Gabs, desperately trying to find people on the street that actually have any knowledge about photography. sadly for him, he failed. as did i.


this dog came around and watched us. he even told me that my rim-light was too strong. good dog.


usually, “the talent” gets a buffet or somehting. not with me. go catch your on food, model. Continue reading “photo-gab-y”