mile me deaf @ sub gradec.

mile me deaf played a great show at the Sub in Graz yesterday. there were 2 other bands as well, the painted beehive and the decibelles from lyon. both played great shows, the decibelles had a cute french accent, but i didnt shoot any photos because of.. well, lets just blame some foreigners. yes, its becaus of them, they stole my motivation, my camera, my ability to focus properly and what not. so please enjoy those blurry, noisy, out of focus shots of that great show.
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Lendwirbel: Fettkakao/Numavi Stage

no need to write too much, awesome show, awesome people, it rained, i dropped my camera at some point and took some pictures. look now, click the links, be nice to each other.   (this is “bad weed”, dont get confused)

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