karakoke flash

so yeah, the almighty Karaoke Bash played Graz again.

and yeah, they were a blast. again. due to various limiting factors (lets blame the camera, alright?) my photos aren´t even remotely as good as those guys clothing choices, but still, there ya go.

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Fleshtones im Loch.

every now and then it happens that incredibly good bands get sucked into the hole known as “Music-House Graz“. and when that happens, its best to show up there.

the latest victims were the superheroes of The Fleshtones (they have their own wikipedia entry, by the way.)

if you knew them before, you knew what was coming up. if you didnt, you fell in love with them. this is how rocknroll stars should grow old – with power, passion and sheer neverending love for music.

the supporting band, Lory Lee and the Flashback Boys, were amazing as well, but i failed to take pictures. yep, i am that good.

anyway, no more boring words, heres the pictures. the show was incredible, if you have the chance to see them, SEE THEM.

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Dave Music-Hause

“it´s great to be gay, it sucks to be christian.” thats what dave hause had to say, amongst other things as dealing with guys that yelled “rebellious” stuff and having to drink cheap whiskey. it was a great show, so here are some pictures.

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