this again.

so yeah, some of the millions of visitors on my blog of wisdom will surely complain “dude, thats basically the same one as your second to last entry…” and i have a perfectly good explanation for that.

well, you see, i went to the store to buy some groceries. i bought tomatoes, salad, soy-joghurt, orange-juice, bread, some chocolate, pepper, salt, vinegar, beer, little childrens souls, apples, sugar and some other stuff. then i went home and put that stuff in my kitchen, where it, what i am trying to say is that i dont give a fuck and yo mamma is fat.

glow in the dark

yesterday i picked up my parents from a hike they did. it was at a austrian pilgrimage town called Mariazell, where someone thought they saw the mother of god some time ago and built a church and stuff. its really big, a lot of gold and silver and expensive stuff standing around and has a shitload of merchandise for sale (just to serve god, of course…)

anyway, there you are in this big expensive shiny church and what do i see? a plasticky cheap as fuck glowing statue of some saint. it looked so funny. like a mercedes with a wunderbaum.