look at this cow. she is amazing on more than one level:

she is having a nice bath on the wonderful schöckel-mountain.

she is defending her pool like a german tourist defends his spot on the beach in italy.

she also writes better books jokes than Mario Barth, but Pro7 didn´t accept her application, claiming “we already have enough cattle here”.

also: tried a new logo. tell me how much you hate it.



having a single-speed bike set up for speed is heaps of fun. seriously. until you reach a mountain. then its pain, sweat and tears. worth it, though.

look at that panorama. green grass, a bike, a long valley and then snow-covered mountains? whoa.sub-3504

parks & recreation.

i am a curious cat. so, when i came across something called “brenizer method” a few years ago, it was kinda intriguing to try that stuff out. sadly, i suck at it, or a least i am too lazy to try it more often. and it almost makes me feel as if i had a full-frame camera, wohoo. here´s a try that was alright i guess. maybe because it has one of those very popular triangles in there. hiphiphip!sub-2