Kadavar in Kolor.

here are some color versions of shots from the kadavar / the picturebooks show.
lots of noise going on in those thanks to high iso.

b/w versions still online here: http://noisey.vice.com/alps/read/kadaver-konzert-graz-fotos-666

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The Picturebooks / Kadavar at PPC Graz, 14.11.2014

shot this amazing show yesterday, check out my gallery at Noisey!
more shots will follow on here soon.

click here:

Kadavar @ Explosiv Graz

the hype train that follows KADAVAR¬†around is quite big. but unlike other bands, those guys deserve every bit of it. not only is their new album “Abra Kadavar” amazing, their live-shows are even more intense. i had the pleasure to witness one of these, along with the amazing DEATH HAWKS. being the fool that i am, i forgot to take pictures during Death Hawks, but mostly due to the fact that i didnt know much about them and was pretty blown away by their live performance. check those guys out, they deserve it.

here are my impressions of that amazing night:


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