the mini-post.

so, this is in fact a rather long post actually. but about the new miniramp at the skatehall. see what i did there? i made a joke with mini, but it wasn´t what you thought it would be. i am smart like a fox.

anyway, the pictures are kinda random, so please take everything about it seriously and hate me if you dont like that. also, i didnt care about flashes being in the pics, so suck it again. and its all fisheye with boring angles, so suck it even more.

Luki Kro, handplant grab transfer on the spine thingy, no idea how to call it. goddamn kids and their weird tricks.


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2 flash, 1 gosch.

there is a time for every young man to get his 2nd flash. and then try and fail while learning to use it. luckily i have guys like philipp gosch that land their tricks 50 times in a row until the crappy photographer has everything right.

cant wait to go into the streets.

bsflip desaster.

bs 180 fakie nosegrind.