fishermans fiend.

i have to admit something. this photo wasnt taken by me. it was my girlfriend. why am i telling you this? well, she is rich and has a vicious team of lawyers that will sue my ass if i dont put this here.

i added the frame though. and applied some sharpening, curves and contrast. and this is what is photography is all about, right? at least it seems like this sometimes.

2 out of 45

(people have been complaining about a lack of my words of wisdom on this blog of pure genius. so there you go.)

i counted the windows in this picture. maybe 3 or 4 times. i forgot or miscounted, i suck at being smart. the thing is, 2 of those 45 windows werent closed. and those were just the ones i managed to get onto this beauty of a picture. (now you might say “why didnt you show more?” but then you would instantly realize that my professional, artistic, genious mind should have had its reasons to do so, and you are damn right.)

this is a governmental building in Split.

Apparently Croatian bureaucrats are just as enthusiastic about the outside as the ones in Austria.