excactly 2 years of layingbreadcrumbs, TODAY. so to celebrate this, i will repost the first piece of lyrical greatness that got posted here. this is basically the rosetta stone, the holy grail, the “white album” of blogging. some years in the future, philosophers will look back and say “this. this is where it started.”

June 7th, 2011:

“so, it begins.

i am not yet sure where this will lead, but i sure will try to remember what my father told me on my wedding-day: “if you ever travel back in time, be sure not to change anything, for even the smallest change may have consequences you couldnt dream of.” ”

I also got myself a nice bouquet of flowers:


you have my permission to party now.

24k. yay.


i cant believe i reached 24,000 views. where is my parade?

andi, what do you think about that?


thanks to everyone that ever read some of the jibberish i wrote, and thanks for letting me waste your time with my pictures.

now go out and spread the word. 240,000 views next!