there is a construction site in front of our building. this is nothing one could write about, USUALLY. but then again, you have to question everything, everywhere.

but, since this is nothing special here, i wont be writing about it either. here, have a picture from budapest. now go, eat ice cream or sth.


Budablog, pt 2

day 2. its colder today. great introduction, i know. what did i learn today? budapest has a lot of buildings. and streets. also: vegan restaurants that claim to be closed but are open. dogs that look like sheep. and weird transportation, as you will see later.

this woman just thought of all the people that died before her.


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the bird has landed.

well, maybe for the last time.

this reminds me of an essay by Dostojewski, i think it was called “the dead bird on a boat in the croatian town of Split”.
i read a lot of intelligent books, they have to be that long and boring and famous kind that everybody knows but never read. then i tell people that i read this book and tell them stories to show how big and intelligent my brain is. i am smart.

fishermans fiend.

i have to admit something. this photo wasnt taken by me. it was my girlfriend. why am i telling you this? well, she is rich and has a vicious team of lawyers that will sue my ass if i dont put this here.

i added the frame though. and applied some sharpening, curves and contrast. and this is what is photography is all about, right? at least it seems like this sometimes.