fourth and final installment of this series only one word can describe: epic. its over now, but your children and their children will talk about this lyrical masterpiece. just wait.

first off, a perfectly timed shot of Kagis crooked bonk. look at that arm steeze!


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i am jumping ahead here. if you want to know what happened the last 24h, please check this out:

if not, let me show you the aftermath of the Supra Footwear party:


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shortly after the first spot, it started to rain. so we went and got some wonderful Estrella and wandered the streets of Badalona, looking for spots. and food. we did find spots, but goddamn it, spanish people dont like to work on rainy days. after what felt like walking all the way to great britain on foot, we decided to just buy noodles at a supermarket and cook them at the hostel.

where we decided to order pizza.

have you tried ordering pizza without speaking Catalan? its fun. you yell some english words at your phone, some old guy yells something in catalan, and after 30 minutes of wondering if our order actually came through the pizza arrived. yay.

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as you might have guessed because of my pulitzer-award-winning title, this is gonna be a series of posts about barcelona.

mostly featuring people on skateboards.

and barcelona.
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jawul, raul!

the south-american heartbreaker aka. barcelonian based boarder aka. raul is back in austria. we welcomed him with rain, as is our tradition. time to clean the transition! (take care, jereme rogers, i am coming to take over the rap game.)

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