foot friday.


you guys still reading this? content is all over the place recently. skateboarding, concert pics, and now feet? what is this guy up to?

well, i have a pretty darn good plan what i want to portrait here:

a) check how long it has been since i updated the blog

b) do i have any kind of pic i wanna put online? maybe something to write about?

c) since a) and b) most likely made me cry out in despair, choose some random picture and act all high and mighty about it.

so there you go, blogging 101.


you cat to be kitten me.

sorry for the lack of updates, kinda working on some stuff here. in the meantime, enjoy this out-of-focus shot of a double line that Andi and Timmy did. also, i photoshopped cats in there. because cat you, thats

rad railings.

went to check out a new spot in town.

Flip volunteers as a beer light model (note: he is not a light beer model.)

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mood lighting.

another outtake, searching for angles and proper flash positioning. dont know why i like this picture, i just really loved the mood it gave me. maybe it was the enrique iglesias song playing, or the cat-pajamas i was wearing, or the newest issue of “the modern bride” i just finished reading before.