Goodbye “The Liberation Service”. Also: Astpai and Deadnotes


so, say you have a incredibly itchy wart, then having it for 7 years would suck. seeing “the liberation service” for 7 years was quite the opposite end of the pleasure spectrum.

nonetheless, this wednesday their 2nd to last show ever (ever? #reuniontour?) took place at good old Sub Graz. thanks for all the good times, guys and girls. and best luck to your future endeavours. just one hint: verena, please try to move a little more to the center of stages, and finally get that smile/non-smile ratio figured out. just a tip from a wise male, i know you`ll love that.

on a more positive note, it was also part of the Astpai 15 year anniversary tour, which is pretty mindblowing if you think about it.

aaand: holy f**k, how good are the deadnotes? didnt get a picture of them since sub was crowded, but trust me, if you listen to their record its gonna be way more fun than watching my crappy photos anyway.


farewöl. jöl.

some time ago, our beloved cangaroo friend left us to return to his cosy fields of eucalyptus down under. the photos of his last hours in Graz have finally found its way online. i am just suuuch a busy man, you know? sorry.

miss ya, buddy!

heres a little going away present in the making.

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Savanah at Musichouse Graz, 24.10.2015

after what seems like eons, heres a small update.
lotsa stuff going on behind the scenes. best check (and like!) my facebook page or just stay alert.

Savanah played an amazing show. if you get the chance, check those guys out for sure (as well as all other bands on Stonefree Records!)

Koma. and a video premiere.

so i had already written a great blog entry, with witty, funny, good looking comments for every photo – in short, they were everything i am not. but then the mighty god of computerfuckupery decided to bless me with one of his trademark computerfuckuperings, and everything was gone.
since i am a incredibly busy man, i won´t rewrite all that. all i can say is that this was a damn amazing night, with 2 great bands, a freaking awesome video and various alcoholic drinks. songs were sung, sweaty hugs were hugged, fun was had and if i remember correctly i ruled the night with my smart comments on the economic relationship between latvia and estonia.
thanks everybody, and yes, that 10 year old Hofer Digicam truly is a god among digicams. i can honestly say that i dont know everyone in these photos, but thanks for letting me blind you with that eyecancer inducing flash. you are all wonderful people. (i assume.)

mile me deaf @ sub gradec.

mile me deaf played a great show at the Sub in Graz yesterday. there were 2 other bands as well, the painted beehive and the decibelles from lyon. both played great shows, the decibelles had a cute french accent, but i didnt shoot any photos because of.. well, lets just blame some foreigners. yes, its becaus of them, they stole my motivation, my camera, my ability to focus properly and what not. so please enjoy those blurry, noisy, out of focus shots of that great show.
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indoor. once more.

so its april. what happens in the lower regions of austria in april? sunshine and outdoor sessions you say? well, mister weather just flipped us the bird, snow and ice cold wind it is. given the fact that i just recently cut my hair and shaved my beard, i fled indoor like the whimsical rat i am. some other guys followed my lead, and i shot some photos.

heres Simon with a Fuchs-Grind (and no, he didnt miss a crooked, he actually wanted to do that trick.)


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skateboarding is the weirdest thing. people build skateparks for a lot of money in hopes of keeping us there and out of the public, and what do we do? we skate umbrella-stands. for hours.

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