Barrier Reef/The Great – Despite Everything @ Musichouse Graz, 31.5.2016

so, last few days have been pretty packed. first spring festival graz, then off to croatia to lighthouse festival, then back to my roots, switching from electronic music to guitars and entering the dark, sweaty, smoke filled catacombs of Musichouse. but it all was worth it.

missed the first band due to me not being able to read the time properly. sorry guys.

the amazing all-star combo Barrier Reef/The Great played its first show in quite some time, and it was intense. hopefully the crowd is gonna appreciate that next time. to be fair, it was tuesday and goddamn steaming in there.

next up were Despite Everything, whose energy and fun on stage was only trumped by their amazing mustaches. great evening, no complaints here.

check out those bands. send me money. be kind to each other.

The Generators / Heroes´n´Ghosts Explosiv 30.07.2014

every once in a while, i manage to get my ass up and go to a concert. even though it was raining and i had to use the tram, which i hate. but it was worth it, a great evening with The Generators and Heroes´n´Ghosts was motivation enough! it was hot, it was sweaty, it was great. check both bands out and watch them live if you have the chance. they are sexy motherf****. Continue reading “The Generators / Heroes´n´Ghosts Explosiv 30.07.2014”

sun.. in the north?

believe it or not, there seem to be some sunny days in the far north. we just so happened to actually catch one during our 5 days up there. not bad for a season where the sun pretty much never goes down (unlike some boats, as shown here…)

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36 hours in the far north.

so, as predicted by me, this entry is about a wedding. in Oulu. the far north. of finland. *insertthenorthshallrisepunhere*

naturally, we expected snow, igloos, reindeers, eskimos, northern lights, santa clause and lonely drunk eremites, or in short: finnish summer.

only .. like.. 4 of those cliches were actually proven wrong.

first off, the wedding was a blast, the bride (and the groom) were beautiful, happy and looked like 100 bucks. here, see for yourself.

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Fleshtones im Loch.

every now and then it happens that incredibly good bands get sucked into the hole known as “Music-House Graz“. and when that happens, its best to show up there.

the latest victims were the superheroes of The Fleshtones (they have their own wikipedia entry, by the way.)

if you knew them before, you knew what was coming up. if you didnt, you fell in love with them. this is how rocknroll stars should grow old – with power, passion and sheer neverending love for music.

the supporting band, Lory Lee and the Flashback Boys, were amazing as well, but i failed to take pictures. yep, i am that good.

anyway, no more boring words, heres the pictures. the show was incredible, if you have the chance to see them, SEE THEM.

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stuck inside.

from my series “its snowy outside and i wanna take pictures but goddamn its boring in a skatehall”, heres a few amazingly creative and superduper stylish pics. cant wait to see trees, leaves, traffic signs, people and cars again. and then complain why they are there and messing up my pictures. yay.

first in line: mr Philipp Gosch with a slightly boned ollie.


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i recently had the joy to have my first food shooting at Tilia’s Little Uncooked Restaurant.

it was fun. and delicious. a few outtakes here.

also, check out her great recipe blog here:

blog-1814 blog-1799 blog-1776 blog-1730 blog-1723

Yashica Electro 35 GSN & Yashica 35-ME

hey guys. today was a good day. i was searching for a Yashica 35 for about a year, since it is labeled the “poor man´s Leica”. and i am a poor man that wants a Leica, so i guess its kinda fitting.

and then, out of the blue, i get an offer for a Yashica 35-ME (kinda the little brother) for basically nothing.

and yes, both are working and in more than mint condition. amazing.

i will post updates about them soon, maybe even a little review. if you have any questions, just let me know.