everyone is hung(a)ry.

when a vegetarian gets an invitation for french-made goulash with several tons of meat in it, he will OF COURSE say yes. and he will take his camera. to take pictures. and so it happened last week. and here are some pictures and totally related stories.

“is that a pot? i am not sure, what do you think? oh god, please tell me…”

french cook #2, along with his (at that point) new beard-style.

lets just use a few onions, huh?
(fun-fact: while eating, david asked if there were onions in it…)

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a fun night overall.

sweden is a strange country sometimes. whilst dressing fancy as hell at university seems to be a must, sometimes they go in complete opposite directions: wearing ugly, strangely colored, dirty overalls with patches and stripes and shit (well, not “shit”, but you know, stuff..). they help you to identify people of your own faculty, so you never have to talk to people of other faculties. puh.

so, of course, exchange students got a wonderful color: blue. and no, we dont look like car-mechanics at all. in order to look even more fabulous, we had an event to make them look fancy whilst playing games that make you look even more fancy whilst drinking the fanciest of drinks, home-made-wine.

as you might have guessed, it ended in animal-like behaviour. what follows now is my (feeble) attempt to recap that night.

most people used the street to arrive, but some just dont work that way. straight over the football-field it is.

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the island of cows and wows.

before writing my usually incredibly intelligent, well thought and totally not pointless post, i would really like to stress that i just got a message, that belgium is one step closer to a government. so please, everyone, include those poor guys in your prayers. their hearts are aching for direction, i see it in filips, barts and thiebauts eyes all the time. like little puppies without a master.

that being said, the second day started a little later for most, and of course it involved driving! after some time, we found a place that we wanted to see. so we saw it.

fucking awesome group picture and also a good lesson: maybe check your pictures carefully, it might happen that the stupid camera-operator aka captain cool aka me doesnt realize he isnt even on the picture. except for my left hand. damn it. but maybe it was better that way.

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oland, not poland.

so there i am, lying in my bed, munching aspirin like cookies and cookies like .. well, more cookies, all my university stuff out of an arms reach, so what to do? damn right, updating my worthless blog filled with profanity and fever-powered (in this case that might even be true!), looseley connected words, sentences and pictures that are camouflaged as a poor-mans-poetry.

since weekends in linköping pretty much seem to be a no-go amongst erasmus-students, we hopped in a car (that actually was there this time, i guess belgians are better renters than austrians. none of them was on some kind of mysterious blacklist too!) and drove to öland, thats like, way east, to be precise.

of course, frenchie brought some literature. and of course, he didnt wear a shirt while reading it. and no, he sure as hell didnt try to read it while sticking his body out of the window at 100km/h. and no, i sure as hell dont have video-footy of that, that i am saving for a video of the trip.

drink the nude french away, i say! dennis is in.

i got like 300 mails, comments and letter-bombs that demanded more beautiful men on my blog. so there you go, but please,  no more letters spiced with anthrax-spores, except if they contain albums or tshirts by that goddamn awesome thrash-metal band. Continue reading “oland, not poland.”

göteborg, the madness continues.

so after letting you wait for so long, i think its time to continue my lunatic diary of last weekends trip to göteborg.

after a pretty funny night with expensive clubs, DJ-Ötzi-songs in said clubs, marvin-gaye-listening-sessions on the streets of göteburg and a french moon rising at the university, we somehow made it out of our hostel in time.

as you can see, david fucking loves getting up in the morning.

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göteborg or “the non-budget trip”

a big part of an erasmus-semester is to learn how to manage and organize things in an unknown environment. with this in mind, we organized a trip to göteborg, and we started a whole 2 days before the trip! wow! surprisingly, everything worked fine online. car, hostel, route, ridiculous youtube videos, you name it, we had it.

so when mean-markus and i went to get the car on saturday at 8, we were expecting nothing but a perfect schedule. which worked pretty fine, except for one small little thing: they had no car for us. yes, the gas-station doesnt work with the website, and so they never received a booking. awesome, nice start. so, off to the next gas-station, because hey, maybe we got the wrong adress? nope. the website even gave us the phone-number of the gas-station they apparently dont work with. oh, and they dont work on weekends. of course.

so you can imagine the happy faces of the people when we arrived. beaten, lost, by foot. still, we managed to find another rental-car-place in linköping, they had a car, fuck yeah, lets do it. mean-markus and i wanted to be the drivers of the third car, since we already had 2 cars by awesome adrien and careful christoph.

everything worked fine, except that markus ISNT ALLOWED TO RENT CARS IN SWEDEN BECAUSE HE IS ON SOME BLACKLIST. what the fuck is a blacklist, and why is marlboro-markus on there? luckily, he didnt get arrested, and we just decided that safe-stefan aka captain cool aka me is gonna be the only driver. off we go! wrong, my credit-card didnt work. at this point, we just laughed. after offering our virginity to the nice cashier, we got the car. worth it!

so yes, we got a car, we loaded our stuff in there, we went on the road, high-fives all around.

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swedish exams are strange. fika is not.

so, i/we had my/our first exam today. and let me tell you, whatever strange-ass country you are from (yes, of course i am talking about the non-government-having belgians), the procedure is different.

at first, there is a nice lady with a microphone, telling you what will happen next. i swear i was just waiting for her to point out the emergency exits and swim-vests.

then, they get their barcode scanners out, scan your card and you get another code, since the tests are anonymous. yes. they are.

and then you write the test. and do some paperwork. swedish love paperwork. you even have to mark properly, which parts you did. simply writing answers would be totally craaahahahazy.

but when you are done, you of course are the biggest fan of swedish culture again, since its fika time!

so, off to the international market we go!

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so long, suckers!

as some of you may know (maybe not remember, but still know), verena, rebekka and i had a farewell-party on saturday, since the three of us didnt get our visas renewed and have to leave the country. verena got kicked to the UK, rebekka got Syracused, and i have to work in the acid-mines of sweden for the next 6 months.

we had a party, i took pictures, look at them and say “if he comes back, i am going to punch him in the face for taking that picture.”

please dont. (punch me.)

everybody loves the flash.

fighting tears after the news about amy winehouse.

she apparently wasnt that big of a fan.

ME GUSTA CAKE! how fuckin cool is that?

we like food!

still not sure about that flash-thingy.

deal with it!

“touch my food and die.”

“mach ma einen auf dicke hose.”

lukas apparently found god. right above his head.

“seriously? god?” “i´m sorry..”


my old roomie, siegi! thanks for showing up, dude!

just play some backstreet-boys and the crowd goes wild. guaranteed.


everybody loves nineties-euro-thrash.

that god dude again, always over everybodys head he is.

“not above mine.”

“look at my awesome tan!”

“so now my soul is captured in there or what?”

pre-marital relations? not at my party.

look at my tongue, its awesome!

“a bissl lauta, ha?”

thy will be done.

if you dont love spongebob (or patrick), you have no soul.

he doesnt drink. seriously.

i am watching you. always.

so, thats about it. at least the censored stuff.

i can´t thank you guys (and gals) enough for showing up. hard to imagine the next 6 months without you.

love you.