Turtle Video Premiere

the amazing Turtle Crew put out their very first full length this friday! the premiere at Schikaneder cinema in vienna was packed with beautiful people, and i managed to make them all look shitty!

the video is so damn good, i have to insist that you get yourself a copy.
at freedom skateshop vienna or Graz for example.

outstanding work Luki! so stoked on it.


this saturday, the musichouse graz saw something that was bigger than expected: not your moms butt, but the ResErection of the Turbojugend Graz! the party was a blast, some people dont remember anything, others nothing, short: it was a success. here are the pictures, aesthetically pleasing and highly artsy (as in “boring and not creative”).

THANKS to everybody that showed up, see you guys soon.

Also, thanks to the bands:

Heroes´n Ghosts played a The Clash Coverset

Bad Weed

Karaoke Bash

Sadly i couldnt take any pictures of the Heroes´n Ghosts show cause i had to secure to entrance and collect bribes and stuff… but i heard they were as amazing as always! Continue reading “ResErection!”

playing with big balls.

soo, there was this bowling tournament this friday, right? i didnt have a team, and i didnt have anything else to do, so i grabbed my cam and tried my luck.

i wasnt disappointed. handsome people everywhere!sub-5210

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eating stuff to celebrate jesus.

so, the fine folks at ESN managed to create a great christmas-dinner for exchange students. thank you very much! food was eaten, pictures were taken, blog-updates written, written blogupdates read 3 days later.

(i just came home from an exam, i am not very creative i am afraid. sorry. if you want to complain, send your hatemail to yomammaisfat@upyours.com)

so, lets start.  maybe you wouldn´t have guessed it, but yes, there was some queueing. amazing.

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calm, collected, cellphone.

you won´t believe it , maybe, but i didnt have any time/inspiration/money/lamp to go out and take pictures. i also didnt take my camera to any party or 14h-queueing session. and i also didnt film anything skate-related. so whats the point in this post, you might ask? IS THAT ASSHOLE FOOLING ME AGAIN WITH A POINTLESS POST THAT ONLY CONTAINS WORDS? I HATE READING.

no, there are pictures (made with my incredibly amazing cell phone. it can call people AND send texts, its worth every single cent).

but also words. its a win-lose situation for both picture-haters and non-readers. its winwin for picture-lovers and read-.. likers. or so.

and it sure as hell is WINWIN for people that dont read this post, because they dont get stupider because of all the shit i put in here.

this first picture here is from paris. yes, motherfuckers, i was in paris once. i sat on the stairs in front of sacre coeur, had a bottle of the cheapest red wine with a friend, and enjoyed the view. amazing.

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travelling to tallinn twice? totally!

so, there i am, going shopping for natural-flavored yoghurt and the newest issue of “knitting and sewing for the responsible exchange-student” (those new mittens look dreamy!), when suddenly i ran into a giant group of people, ready to leave the stinking city of linköping to go to the stinking city of tallinn. luckily, i had a bag of clothes and my camera with me, so i simply pretended to be in their group and joined them.

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rollin´ to tallinn.

you know, there comes a time in every 25 year-old-male-austrian-exchange-student-in-sweden´s life where he asks himself: “have you ever been to tallinn?” so if you happen to be a 25 year-old-male-austrian-exchange-student-in-sweden and if you answered “No!”, then you might understand why i had to do this highly spiritual journey to my estonian inner self.

since i thought it might be boring alone, i brought some other people too. they were alright. look at them in the picture. did you look? nice. of course there were more than those, because everyone wants to be around me all the time, but those guys/girls were the first i took pictures of. and the first you looked at, now.

as every spiritual journey, you have to clean your body by eating only the best of foods. so there was no questioning: we had to go to MAX.

walking frees your mind and soul. also, if you free your feet from your shoes in a very small cabin that is filled with 4 exhausted guys 2 hours later, you start getting really really nice hallucinations.

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