Goodbye “The Liberation Service”. Also: Astpai and Deadnotes


so, say you have a incredibly itchy wart, then having it for 7 years would suck. seeing “the liberation service” for 7 years was quite the opposite end of the pleasure spectrum.

nonetheless, this wednesday their 2nd to last show ever (ever? #reuniontour?) took place at good old Sub Graz. thanks for all the good times, guys and girls. and best luck to your future endeavours. just one hint: verena, please try to move a little more to the center of stages, and finally get that smile/non-smile ratio figured out. just a tip from a wise male, i know you`ll love that.

on a more positive note, it was also part of the Astpai 15 year anniversary tour, which is pretty mindblowing if you think about it.

aaand: holy f**k, how good are the deadnotes? didnt get a picture of them since sub was crowded, but trust me, if you listen to their record its gonna be way more fun than watching my crappy photos anyway.


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