Barrier Reef/The Great – Despite Everything @ Musichouse Graz, 31.5.2016

so, last few days have been pretty packed. first spring festival graz, then off to croatia to lighthouse festival, then back to my roots, switching from electronic music to guitars and entering the dark, sweaty, smoke filled catacombs of Musichouse. but it all was worth it.

missed the first band due to me not being able to read the time properly. sorry guys.

the amazing all-star combo Barrier Reef/The Great played its first show in quite some time, and it was intense. hopefully the crowd is gonna appreciate that next time. to be fair, it was tuesday and goddamn steaming in there.

next up were Despite Everything, whose energy and fun on stage was only trumped by their amazing mustaches. great evening, no complaints here.

check out those bands. send me money. be kind to each other.

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