Greenanger 2015

soo, the 4th annual Greenanger contest happened this weekend. everybody was stoked, people got tattoos with the date of the contest to celebrate, and of course a flock of virgin doves was released during the finals. but theres one face to perfectly demostrate all that:



thanks for that, Luca! there were more happy people there, too. they even gave me some kind of really fancy “high five”, or at least thats what i assume.


Hannes was there to actually shoot skatephotos, not like yours truly who preferred to be hungover and “artsy”. (as in “too tired to shoot proper photos”).


Flip decided to go with Guinness for once. as most people so far, he seemed super stoked on life.


Julian needed some more sexy shots for instagram to gain followers. @julianspiel, follow him for more x-rated stuff.


thats how motivated Luca does his tre-flips. he did 4 of them in a row during a run. he doesnt give a fuck and the crowd went nuts. so good.


Simon decided to simply jump over Hannes so he wouldnt fuck up his angle.


“also, i hob dann gedacht i sollt mir mal a aundare pensions-vorsorge suchen, irgendwas mit mehr sicherheit, weißt eh, börsencrash und so. was sagst du dazu, andi?” “hawi hob i den herd odraht?”


“i must go, my people need me.” Martin aka. the omnipresent filmer aka #teamhandsome member.


Samu, pointing out the reason why he didnt enter the contest.


Philipp explaining the reason why he didnt enter the contest. “well, for once… i gotta go, need to bs flip the table, be right back.”


Julian, thinking about what hashtags he is gonna use for his next instagram photo of his butt. “#oaschloch, des nimm i, genial he.”


while on the subject… somebody get Simon a fresh pair of pants.


“housn? wer hout wous vo ana housn gsog? i tausch a wirschtl dafür.”


“do her simon, der links vo mir tat a housn gegn a wiarscht tauschn.”


see how artsy i got? DO YOU SEE? martin sure sees.


Patricks last trick in his final run, transfer bs nosebluntslide to first place. well deserved, very well deserved.


HEAVY media presence at the ceremony. congrats everyone, thanks for showing up, and thanks to everyone that actually had to work there and didnt simply sneak off because he had to shoot “photos”.

more of my photos can be found here:


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