serious session.

lots of people think that shooting skate-photos is simply going out and pressing a button. but no, theres more. forcing people to do stuff they dont want to, laying in the dirt and giant dogs trying to eat your face. this day had it all.

but first things first: preparation of the spot. Johannes unscrews the rail while Lukas checks the fabric of his shirt. #teamwork



Phil already did this trick before, but he wanted to try it again for a photo. “wanted” as in i asked him to and didnt quit asking. Nollie inward heel try.


“sure, i´ll have it within a few tries.”


remember when i told you about the dog-part? well here it goes. there i am, laying on the ground on my stomach to get that super artsy angle, when this fella shows up. so what do you do when somebodies face is within your reach? damn right, you fuckin lick his face like there´s no tomorrow. all happened so fast that i didnt get up in time, and his owner had a healthy laugh looking at my freshly licked face and my kinda confused look. that doggy loved it though.


more warm ups.


oooh, look who joins the session! albert!


heres the face of professional filming. cigarette, beer, tattoos, most likely hasnt been to church in ages, no dolly, no extra microphone, nose piercing.. where to start, where to start?


this hippie wanted to know more about our great filming technique.


the make! so stylish, classic Johannes.


super artsy portrait right there.


so close, couldnt roll away. fuck.


well, then he got pissed.


session over, time for some liters of after-session schnaps!


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