go skateboarding day.

due to the tragic event 2 weeks ago, goskateboarding day in Graz was moved to this sunday.

quick recap: it was damn hot, and fun. no photos here, sorry. just remember a group of guys skating together, sweaty, dirty, happy, surrounded by pissed off drug dealers, bums, and flies. also, Phil Gosch won the Game of Skate. consistency, good looks, women, money, he has it all.

this motivated some guys so much that we went street skating afterwards. Lukas Oswald had some open business with the Resowi-ledge that had to be settled. watch him fly here:


Walli took a day off of his usual responsibilities and decided to go full chill mode.


shooting fisheye sequences is fun. especially because you´ll never know if a board is gonna hit you in the face or lense. i mean, i could back off, but wheres the fun in that?


that was a close one tough. felt the griptape on my fingers.


After this battle i decided to try and let people know how incredibly not-hungover i felt and try to let them see through my eyes. thats kinda what it looked like (thats a wallie nollie out by Flip, he has them on lock for sure):


Maxi decided to go for broke. i sat down on the stairs and shot some more photos, at least everytime i wasnt asleep during a try.


thats the end of a pretty amazing line by Phil Gosch, no make here.


Joel in full filmer mode.


that try was landed, and suddenly the battery of the videocamera went dead… bitter. really bitter.


to end the day in proper fashion, some shittalking and chilling. also: look at flips enormous tighs!


thanks for reading this.

more updates soon.

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