Koma. and a video premiere.

so i had already written a great blog entry, with witty, funny, good looking comments for every photo – in short, they were everything i am not. but then the mighty god of computerfuckupery decided to bless me with one of his trademark computerfuckuperings, and everything was gone.
since i am a incredibly busy man, i won´t rewrite all that. all i can say is that this was a damn amazing night, with 2 great bands, a freaking awesome video and various alcoholic drinks. songs were sung, sweaty hugs were hugged, fun was had and if i remember correctly i ruled the night with my smart comments on the economic relationship between latvia and estonia.
thanks everybody, and yes, that 10 year old Hofer Digicam truly is a god among digicams. i can honestly say that i dont know everyone in these photos, but thanks for letting me blind you with that eyecancer inducing flash. you are all wonderful people. (i assume.)

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