indoor. once more.

so its april. what happens in the lower regions of austria in april? sunshine and outdoor sessions you say? well, mister weather just flipped us the bird, snow and ice cold wind it is. given the fact that i just recently cut my hair and shaved my beard, i fled indoor like the whimsical rat i am. some other guys followed my lead, and i shot some photos.

heres Simon with a Fuchs-Grind (and no, he didnt miss a crooked, he actually wanted to do that trick.)


i hardly ever see Toni skating, but when i do i cant help but feel surprised at the deep bag of tricks this guy has. kickflip over the table and rail.



Herwig came, gave everyone his trademark grumpy grandpa look and started skating the rail and gap to ledge, just to get warmed up. gap to smith grind fs180 out.



gap to bs 5050.



just to put this in perspective: Toni just backside flipped the table. i didnt take a photo, cause, you know.. who needs that anyway? sorry.



since i missed the bs flip, i thought i would repay him with a grade A buttshot. and grade A butt i shot. fs feeble.



Yannick likes to get close. like.. very close.



PERFECT flip bs lipslide catch. sadly he tried a flip 5050 and slammed.



he actually grinded that one perfectly but couldnt roll away.



boom, thats gonna hurt.



yep, that hurt.

session over.

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