those cherry days…

having a knee problem sucks. having a knee problem when the first warm and sunny days of spring are coming up pretty much compares to being kidnapped and forced to sleep with your mom while your dad is watching. think about that for a while, then go on reading this blog update.

done? done thinking about your mom? okay.

talking about your mom, here is herwig. herwig is old and grumpy, but beautiful on the inside (see, like mommy.) here he is sliding a 100km/h bs lipslide. yes!


i liked that angle so much that i just kept on laying on the ground, my hips pressed against the cold concrete, an almost sensual sensation.

johannes did a graceful bs nosegrind. it was very sensual too. i took a photo.



thats when my mood changed and i decided to go with black and white. look at Maxi. i know its hard to see him, he is wearing a lot of camouflage. 5-0.



old grumpy herwig looked at this photo and couldnt help but wonder “hey, thats what my bs tailslides look like? they dont look like shit. cool.” yes herwig. they are cool.



the phrase “black and white” starts with a “b”. just like “buttshot”, “bluntslide” (the nasal version here) and “boy you sure liked that angle and didnt care to move a single step huh?” Phil Gosch, Noseblunt.



heres the master of camouflage again, halfcab crooked. i like the shadows in these shots.

also, i cant think of any more “your mom” jokes.



Lukas Madrutter, nosegrind par excellence.



just like old people at the supermarket, Herwig didnt care about waiting and rolled right into the frame, so Phil didnt even bother to try a trick. look at his face. he is disgusted. disgusted i tell ya.



okay, doing stylish bs smiths like that lets me forget all that.



first people are starting to be pissed off by that idiot photographer, in the background phil starts counting the minutes until i finally leave. also: HE ONLY HAS 4 FINGERS ON HIS RIGHT HAND. LOOK AT THAT FREAK.



BRZDA associate Lichti joined the fun, bs 180 nosegrind like whoa.



thats it. lets finish with Herwigs signature dance move, the “hilarious hornich”.


2 thoughts on “those cherry days…

  1. The feeling when its the first day of spring the temp are hanging in the high 60’s with zero humidity and blue skies..and you are looking out of the window at work…with your board in your car waiting for you!

    1. thats exactly the feeling i was talking about… good to see that theres more people suffering from that. have a great day, thanks for your comment!

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