shortly after the first spot, it started to rain. so we went and got some wonderful Estrella and wandered the streets of Badalona, looking for spots. and food. we did find spots, but goddamn it, spanish people dont like to work on rainy days. after what felt like walking all the way to great britain on foot, we decided to just buy noodles at a supermarket and cook them at the hostel.

where we decided to order pizza.

have you tried ordering pizza without speaking Catalan? its fun. you yell some english words at your phone, some old guy yells something in catalan, and after 30 minutes of wondering if our order actually came through the pizza arrived. yay.


so much artsy. you can buy my prints of course, look, they are black and white, it MUST be art.


i call this “the two lonely fishermen without boats. and on land.”


spot check. “how the hell am i gonna flip out of that?”


“ah right, thats how.”


another corner, another curb. badalona got spots zum saufuttern.


robs already 5050ied this one. here he thinks about how this grind to drop is the perfect analogy to life and its tests of will and strength.

or which corner he is gonna pee on, you decide.


rainy day? lets go to the beach! we are smart.


monkey see, monkey do.


so artsy, it could have been shot with a leica.


wow, nobody ever took this picture before me.



and here we got lost in mindful discussions about the middle east, religion, smoking cigars, building violins and interpretive dance.

oh, and beer.


continued in part 3. maybe even with some skateboarding.

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