Greenanger behind the scenes.

well, you saw the “regular” photos of GreenANGER 2014. if not, go to my facebook page, then return. otherwise you wont get all those clever, maybe even intellectual dick-jokes that i am gonna make.

ready? go.

first off, we have judge/skateboarder/GRÄB-mastermind (Grazer Skateboardverein, liken, mitmachen, alles..) Chri, looking sharp and kinda clueless. he also did a boneless. lots of less going on

Patrick immediately draws the attention of every woman around. check this out, she traveled for 4 hours to meet her idol.

she lives 120m away.

together at last!


people often ask me “how do you get onto the Freedom Skateshop Team?” well, its pretty easy. you have to look as sexy and smart as at least one other teamrider. this way, we can make sure to only have the highest quality skateboarders to breed and create a

Chri showing you all why you should join GRÄB: its overflowing with

The halfpipe murderer got murdered: broken shoulder, what a shame. still, he and ms. bowlchamp smiled all

Rene and i have the same problem: we are simply too sexy. our everyday routine pretty much consists of getting visually sexually harassed by people of all ages, races and genders. just look at the nice old lady, her whole world is now gonna revolve around this marvelous

remember the days when skateboarders drank cheap warm beer out of cans? well, no more, this is 2014, cuffed up pants, SUPREME tshirts and all that glorious Nike

Phil didnt skate the contest, but that didnt stop him from grabbing a piece of paper and simply walking all over the park. oh Phli, you crazy man, what are you gonna do next!blog-0830

some may have seen this pic already. those kids kept asking if they could skate the park, you know, just for 1h or 2, i mean, its not like there was a contest or anything. so, after reasonable discussion, we found a solution. shine on, little

tobi quenches his thirst with the most royal of liquids, beer. that was during his run, by the way. Schwechater, if you want to use this fabulous pic for your advertisements, contact me. i can sell it to you, tobi won´t even have to know about

Flip aka Gangster-F aka B.eer aka flip aka showing me some

Hannes took some heavy slams this day. but he didnt give up. next time!blog-0902

This pic is just 1 second before hearing a nice sound that reminded me of tossing a sack of wet potatos on the ground. holy shit that slam looked painful. apparently it was painful, too. blog-0965

Lenni won the unsponsored contest, goddamn, dat boi gud. keep your eyes

and thats about it. Christopher looked exactly the same at the afterparty, except the hundreds got less and less and the beer got more and

good times, cant wait for next year.

also, send me money.

k, thx, bye.

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