finding new friends on the street.

recently, the rural city of Graz had royal visitors. one royal visitor, to be precise. Jan Federer, from Vienna. yes, the famous city, filled with fiaker, schnitzel and buttloads of culture. we gave our best and showed him around, trying to refresh his memories of years he lost here. because he lives in Vienna now. a better life. a more urban life.
first spot was this great curb in a driveway. Sam was the first to 5050 it.


of course, we savages needed some more wax.


there we go! Andi, Tailslide.


Viennese finesse lead to this backside tailslide. much better than Andis frontside version. well, he is just from Graz after all.


Simon Fuchshofer, being all rural and creative by doing a grind thats kinda named after him.. a Fuchs-Grind! yay.

some guy in vienna surely would have flipped in or out or sth.


whoa, creative angles! trying to copy some viennese photographer, for sure.


Jan, superior backside Smith.


more amazing angles!


Andreas, desperately trying to keep the Einfahrt frei. he failed.


Jan, trying to conceive the amazing beauty of the countryside.


gotta love backsmiths.


Jan found a friend! they had some nice conversations about Monet, Matisse, Mozart, Garageneinfahrten and calling the police.


i guess they won´t be BFF´s.

next up: the cops. so we left.


more soon!

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