we recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a wedding in Oulu, Finland. in order to get there, we stopped by Helsinki first. here area  few impressions, which are mindblowing, to say the least.

at first, look at this. i mean, this picture has it all, right? right.


and now look at this. its something laying on something, surrounded by water. remarkable.


finland has a rather strict immigration policy. still, they have to fence the sky in order to not get it stolen.


i can´t overemphasize the hatred that finnish people have for Schnauzers.


finnish sunset. kinda. the sun never goes down this time of the year. also note the complete lack of Schnauzers in this picture. the sign works!


this is a church. also pictured: people. not pictured: Schnauzers.


beautiful landscape. expertly shot. horribly edited.


another church thingy.


look, another shot for grandma: a sunset.


shallow depth of field? check. water? check. sunset? check. completely cheesy picture? CHECK!


time to go home, the flight to Oulu goes early (it was like 12pm in this picture).



more soon.

but dont expect any Schnauzers.

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