jam the mini.

there was this skatecontest this weekend, right? i shot a few pictures. not too many since i was judging there too. and let me tell you, its hard to be back in a world where the ranking, maybe even the life, of people isn´t influenced by me. now i know how George W. Bush must feel.

Joel, pre-contest-judges-session. you can pretty much feel the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Timmy and Joel comparing fingers. thats a very important judging technique. trust me, i was a judge once.


Joel, pivot to fakie to judging table.


one more from Joel, fs 5-0 to switch crooked. as a former judge i give this 7/10 points.


Philipp Gosch. he was merely a small announcer, with no judging power. aaah, the simple folk and their carefree life.


Wolfgang. as a judge, i rule that his outfit was the best, by far. look at this handsome man! women, get on that, now. i was a judge, trust me.


Kugi shot better photos than me, according to my judgement. but hey, he has a full frame camera, it was obvious, right?


I rule that this was one of the many near-accidents. as a judge, i saw many of those. and some real accidents. as a judge, i found it highly entertaining.


in my role as a judge (remember?), i (and 2 not so important judges) came to the conclusion that Erik Aigner was the hero of the day. even though i cannot support profanity on skateboards. but hey, THAT HAIRCUT. it ruled.


Maxi was too late, hungover, drunk and handsome. if i will ever be a judge again, he will start with 5 negative points.



thats it. check out Freedom Skateshop Graz´s facebook page, theres better pictures.

Judge, out.

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