stuck in-drei-d.

to wrap up my 3 part series, heres the “better” (as in “those suck the least, you sucking sucker.”) pictures. prepare to see no updates for 3 weeks again, then 3 updates in a row, then repeat. i suck at blogging.

Philipp Gosch, fancy tre-flip. including Grizzly-Griptape advertisement (yes, Torey, you can send me money if you want!)


another view of Gabriel Schmid´s criminally stylish backsmiths.


and to conclude the series: Simon Fuchshofer with his trademark ninja kickflips over the rail. look, he cleared the rail by only.. like.. half a meter? hardly no pop in this guy.


aaand heres the final image, including his perfect shadow on the ceiling.

thanks, read you soon.


One thought on “stuck in-drei-d.

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