Deadends/The Liberation Service/Crazy Arm @ SUb,Graz

yesterday, the wonderful guys from Hot Shot Music hosted a concert at the infamous SUb Graz, featuring the amazing Deadends , the Liberation Service and Crazy Arm from the UK. check them out if you missed the show, you wont regret it.

the SUb was packed, like.. really packed. i didn´t have a chance to get even close to the first band, Deadends (their first show, by the way).


next up were the infamous Liberation Service. havent seen them in a while, and damn, their new material blew me away. it was so crowded that you could hardly move, which is of course just a bad excuse for my sucking pictures.






a few weeks ago, Flozi complained that there weren´t enough pictures of him looking great.

i tried my best. seriously, this is my best. its not your fault, Flozi, its mine.




all smiles, all the time.






next up, the headliners: Crazy Arm. at this point, the SUb was so damn sweaty and humid that water started to drop from the ceiling, blowing out 2 Amps.
it was insane.






this was the point where i packed my camera. i was actually afraid that it got too wet.
thanks to everyone involved in making this show possible, and support those bands!
cheers, me out.

5 thoughts on “Deadends/The Liberation Service/Crazy Arm @ SUb,Graz

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