stuck inside.

from my series “its snowy outside and i wanna take pictures but goddamn its boring in a skatehall”, heres a few amazingly creative and superduper stylish pics. cant wait to see trees, leaves, traffic signs, people and cars again. and then complain why they are there and messing up my pictures. yay.

first in line: mr Philipp Gosch with a slightly boned ollie.


its always a pleasure to do buttshots when you can shoot butts as nice as Simons. also, that shadow! nosegrind.


Gabs is so smooth, its unfair. bs smith, but he could also be asleep.


bs smith by mr Gosch. (also: check out his t-shirt.)


see, this is what i meant with “nice butt”. i was so distracted by this perfectly shaped marble buttocks that i cut off his hand. but hey, who is looking at his hand anyway?

Simon, fs salad (i guess a healthy diet of salad, kebap and öad sculpted this perfect butt…)


Philipp Gosch, bs Lipslide, also ordering a new beer.


Gabriel Delgado aka “i shit on all your rail-tricks because my feet are strapped in this funny thing” with a warm-up switch

heres a nice example of what happens when you dont check your focus-points.

Chris Hermann, Switch Crooks, out of focus. fuck me.


and heres a nice ninja-flip by Simon. the A-List of my D-class pictures will be up tomorrow or something.


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