all rail timmy.

skateboarding can be stressful sometimes. there is a lot of “hit and run” involved, and sometimes the “run”-part comes before the actual “hit”-part is involved. (forget about the “and” part in this scenario…) but at least i can squeeze some kind of story out of it.

same thing happend last time we went to skate this rail. i was trying to try new flash stuff, foolishly thinking “yeah, i have time to experiment with moving the flashes, no need to hurry.”

here i try to get my angle worked out, timmy respectfully didn´t jump onto the rail this time. i wasn´t even close to ready.


in another installment of “hey let´s have a closer look at something in the picture”, how goddamn cool does Wally look like?


the second time Timmy came without me being prepared. i just fell to my knees and hoped that i somehow got him. nope, unfocused, hand cut off, both flashes in the picture, and so on and so on. and the best part? we had to run after this try. goddamn street skating.


but again, great material for “hey let´s have a closer look at something in the picture”!


so here´s my new years resolution: get some shots without cutting somebody off, without flashes in there and maybe with even 2 or 3 tries for the rider.

or, short: stefan, stop sucking ass.

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