so, i have been playing around with exposure stuff lately. and to do that, i called a few companies and begged them “please, send me someone that can skate, i am sick of all those shop-sponsored kiddies. i need thrasher covers.”

and my tears and cries of despair worked. Philipp Josephu showed up!

but first, heres some kid that tries grabbing a board and ollieing and stuff. some call it creative, i call it “nyjah would have done it down a 20 stair.”.


and again, not even ollie-ing. grabbing and jumping. duh.blog-1462

look how relaxed ronnie looks during this nollie bigspin over the thrashcan.

heavenly beer bliss.


finally, somebody that actually flips his board! philipp josephu, bs heelflip.blog-1469

motivated by the new player on the field, philipp gosch goes for it too. fs flip.blog-1477

bamm, fakie ollie.


majestic eagle aka ronnie.


i have to admit, i have no idea what that was. i think a nollie bs flip.

also, look at my handsome knee. i suck.


and the final banker, a textbook nosebonk by mr josephu.

thanks for the session.


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