here´s the conclusion to the last post. Simon has crazy pop, and crazy style. even his goddamn shadow is stylish. damn. damn damn

second angle, also on my facebook page. did i mention pop and style?


after that, i packed everything i had in my bag. naturally, Timmy rolled by casually and asked “could you maybe take a picture of a switch blunt?” hell yeah i can! and of course it wouldn´t be Timmy if he didnt simply try it a few times and then roll away clean. beast.


heres another one. skatehall pictures are just great huh? especially if you frame it as amazing as me, with the bank cut off and stuff. thrasher-cover, anyone?


One thought on “more-in-door.

  1. Keep the layout you have ‘ One of the quickest ways to increase the cost of a kitchen remodel is by changing up the layout.
    Replacing a front door is not an expensive undertaking,
    so do so if it needs it. Installing a custom designed deck to
    your exterior just says relaxation.

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