soo, its indoor season again. and as much as i hate this skatehall, its better than skating a shitty curb in a windy parking garage. on the other hand, its the perfect chance to play around with my flash and try stuff.

also, its the perfect time to take ridiculous pictures. first off, i am pretty sure that you could make some kind of meme out of Andis face in this one. i used my photoshop skills to enhance it. just.for.you!


here is a serious one. Herwig, Crooked. Herwig is always serious. and grumpy. and playing poker. but thats just his age. he is old.

and grumpy.


Andi, Fs Boardslide. buttshot, anyone? sure thing, i´ll take it.


THANK YOU SIMON. when you are sliding on your butt i cant take pictures of it. Layback slide.


Andi, fs 5-0. Herwig, serious. and grumpy.


more layback sliding. and Herwig. serious. grumpy.


this is about 1 second before Andi hit the ground. hard.


another amazing pic. Wally is trying to learn from Timmy, even if its just graciously riding down the bank. look at it! its hilarious!

except for Herwig. he is serious. (not pictured here, but trust me.)


amazing color experiment! and it sucks! yaaay, experiments! Timmy, bs 5050.


and then this happened. later.


the 2 actual good pictures are coming here soon, and on my facebook page now.

or.. soon.

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