last night moves.

welcome to the final installation of my epic 3 part series “i guess i found out how many parts i can squeeze out of 1 shooting” series.

this time featuring no colors, incredible amounts of noise and buttshots. always buttshots.

first pic: philipp gosch with an amazing kickflip. it kinda sucks that long steps never really translate into pictures, but trust me, those steps are long and have basically no run-up. amazing  of course he had to text his mommy lawyer  girlfriend instantly.


the handsome australian ambassador kept it chill that night. but dont get lazy. those dreamy eyes wont get you on the cover of some magazine. you gotta do stuff at thalia.


then things got weird. simon knows how to get weird. and he got weird. with stuff. and things.


oooh whait, i got this.


the end.

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