good night

had a nice night-session recently. i took photos. i will show them to you now. ready?

simons first try. it was dark, we had no light (dont be fooled by the flashes) and it basically seemed like jumping into a dark abyss.

at least that was what those guys used as explanations for their inability to land tricks. but we know better, right?


andi, graceful.


more grace.


completely out of focus. or, as i would call it “artsy as fuck”.blog-9172

oh, i can make kinda sharp shots too? well, then at least take it a little too late. simon, ollie.


whats the best thing to hear after setting up 3 flashes and finally finding the best light setup? WE ARE OVER IT, LETS GO HOME.


come on, we wanna leave. goddamn it.



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