legend… ary.

you know, sometimes when you are about to meet someone that you were looking up to as a child, you can´t help but wish “my god, i hope he is no asshole…”

well, on saturday i had the chance to meet more than one of my idols, but the guy that stood out the most was the incredible Mr Chad Muska. Smiling 24/7, high fiving and hugging everyone in sight, spreading the best of vibes possible, it was simply amazing.

Thank you for the inspiration, i still smile when i think back to that. Now go buy something with his name on it.


3 thoughts on “legend… ary.

    1. es kommt später mal ein street-skate pic das ziemlich fett ist, muss da aber noch auf freigabe usw warten.

      bei der demo im park war ich erst ganz spät, eben weil ich bei ner street-skate mission dabei war. dafür durfte ich da dem Gott Joe Brook beim fotografieren zusehen. und jungs arge rails zerstören sehen macht auch spaß.

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