jawul, raul!

the south-american heartbreaker aka. barcelonian based boarder aka. raul is back in austria. we welcomed him with rain, as is our tradition. time to clean the transition! (take care, jereme rogers, i am coming to take over the rap game.)

sub-5938 sub-5939 sub-5942



“Do you know how to wear shoes? i forgot.”


you cant solve everything with aggression, raul. not here. maybe i spain. but not here.

sub-5950 sub-5957

“oops, did i get in the way? a good photographer would still get the shot.”


timmy, going the distance after a nice fly-out.


“oops, i did it again.”


and then, this happened. some people may think skateboarding is strange, but those guys..


walli approves of the crazy skateboard action.


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