maneki nekoč, Bonsai Police, Evoilà

went to a great concert at the wonderful Club Wakuum yesterday. check out the pictures, and make sure to check out the wonderful, beautiful and <insertsomethingfunny>-ful bands here:

(oh, and iso 12800 on a apsc-camera is a bitch. damn you, noise.)


Bonsai Police

Maneki Nekoč


sub-5649 sub-5659 sub-5664 sub-5680 sub-5682 sub-5686 sub-5689 sub-5690 sub-5692 sub-5694 sub-5702


Bonsai Police

sub-5729 sub-5733 sub-5734 sub-5735 sub-5740 sub-5745 sub-5747 sub-5748 sub-5753 sub-5757 sub-5760 sub-5764 sub-5770 sub-5774 sub-5782 sub-5791 sub-5811 sub-5834 sub-5842


Maneki Nekoč

sub-5855 sub-5866 sub-5867 sub-5877 sub-5880 sub-5886 sub-5895 sub-5897 sub-5900 sub-5906 sub-5916 sub-5919 sub-5923 sub-5924 sub-5926 sub-5929 sub-5931 sub-5932

Thanks to everyone for the great evening.

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