playing with big balls.

soo, there was this bowling tournament this friday, right? i didnt have a team, and i didnt have anything else to do, so i grabbed my cam and tried my luck.

i wasnt disappointed. handsome people everywhere!sub-5210

wrestlers gotta stay hydrated. sub-5211 sub-5214

the field of dreams. sub-5221 sub-5222

remember what i said about handsome people? you got it.sub-5223 sub-5226

hope, fear, drama, grace, you got it all.sub-5228 sub-5231 sub-5234

of course everyone exactly knew how to bowl. you gotta have your racket ready!sub-5235 sub-5236


team Turbojugend went out in style. kind of.sub-5240

aaah, music. the art of the gods.sub-5250 sub-5252 sub-5253 sub-5255 more amazingness.sub-5258 sub-5263 CHORUUUUUSSSS.sub-5265 the crowd went wild!sub-5267

i cant remember his name, but i will call him “destroyer.”sub-5271

“no pictures, por favor.”sub-5272 sub-5273 sub-5274 the masked.. riders.. gondolieres… guys.. yes. the masked guys. and one girl.sub-5275 sub-5279 sub-5281

“bono, give me back my axe.”sub-5283 sub-5288 sub-5289  sub-5292 sub-5293 sub-5294

“HUH?” i can only imagine what this guy thought about the whole shenanigans going on.sub-5295

Turbojugend is open for everyone.sub-5298 sub-5300 sub-5309

high quality raps, for sure!sub-5310 sub-5311 sub-5312 sub-5313

of course, intensive studies of the talmud, bible and koran were part of the show.sub-5381 sub-5392

so, team pics may follow tomorrow. thanks to everyone that organized it, it was a blast.

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