bad railings.

today: part 2 of the session. with much more action, drama, pain and stuff.

thats what the boardslide picture should´ve looked like. if i hadn´t cut of andis nose. well. lets call it “creative”. (and yes, that was a make. dont start talking shit.)


after that, the “good ideas” started to come to life. DIY and all, ya know? well, look at that. created with cable straps and shoelaces. nothing could go wrong, right Andi?


Andi isn´t completely satisfied with his creation. well, lets test it anyway, right? what could go wrong?




fall down, go boom. that could go wrong.


after that impact, the session got a little mellower. except for Timmy of course, he dont give a fuck. Halfcab a 10 stair, just for fun, he didnt even want a picture of that.


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