went to a concert yesterday. took pictures of one band. sorry other bands, i suck. dropped my camera. fuck. went backstage (CAUSE I CAN. I AM THAT IMPORTANT. i kissed the singer once, too.), drank a beer.

you cannot destroy a canon 7d, apparently. lesson learned. end of my amazing story.

sub-5000 sub-5007 sub-5015 sub-5028 sub-5029 sub-5030 sub-5033 sub-5037 sub-5039 sub-5043 sub-5048 sub-5051 sub-5056 sub-5060 sub-5064 sub-5066 sub-5073 sub-5082 sub-5086 sub-5087 sub-5088 sub-5094 sub-5098 sub-5105 sub-5108

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